Gold Protector Advanced Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning $49 per area
Our most advanced cleaning and protection process which includes:

  1. Inspection
  2. Vacuuming with heavy duty, industrial vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris
  3. Spot removal – We can remove most spots including: colored drinks, coffee, ink, gum, rust, makeup and more.
  4. Moving of most furniture*
  5. Pre-treat with a personalized chemical mix specific for your carpet cleaning needs
  6. Agitate to ensure the best cleaning
  7. Extract using high pressure water which is at or above 200°
  8. Groom your carpet to give it a finished look and speed drying time


  • Wall to wall Scotchgard application, not just the high traffic areas – provides up to 12 months of protection
  • Free bottle of professional stain remover
  • Odor control
  • Choice of scents

Call (330) 922-3657

Stairs $3 each. Hallways $10. Walk in closets $10.

2 room minimum. Extra charge for rooms over 200 sf.

*Please remove all personal items from furniture you would like us to move.  We do not move heavy or bulky furniture including but not limited to: beds, dressers, and china cabinets